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Product name : Ceramic heating element for Welder plastic bags machines
Item : 20151026151855
Series № : MMH-C-
Heating Material : Pb; Ag; RuO
Way of Heat Transfer : conduction
Heating Feature : constant heating
Insulation Material : ceramic
Standard Certification : UL ROHS
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Hotohms™Ceramic Heating element are made in a thick film techonolgy and widely used in small heating equipment, medical equipment, health environmental protection equipment, heating, electric heating film heating condition so on.
Size & material of base board: 136X16X1.0 mm or 140X21X1.0( or 1.2mm;ceramic (Al2O3)
Input voltage: 220 V
Output power: 100 W
Rated resistance: 484Ω
Output temperature: 180℃
Service life: 50,000 hours

High power density and can be designed according to the requirements of heating power, heating, high efficiency, good heat dissipation;
The  96% alumina ceramic substrate for heating material , good temperature characteristics, long life;
Stable temperature coefficient, 100PPM/ c;
Environmental health, in line with the Rohs standard;
Small volume, little power consumption, good conversion efficiency;
Can be designed and manufactured according to user's requirements;


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