In accordance of management standard ISO10006:2003, we provide “project-Oriented Task Management” basis execution service in product developing project processes.
The execution processes mainly include: R&D, PRODUCTION CONTROL, TESTING & INSPECTION, LOGISTIC & DELIVERY… as details bellow:
Service Processes / Modules

Project Execution Processes/ Modules
R&D of product
Developing evaluation and technical design of the product according to the product’s function requirements and localizations
Prototyping production and evaluations, improvements
Finish prototype’s production according to the technical design.
Including the working cycle of: sampling production, testing, trial application, improvement…
Evaluation on Mass Production
Evaluate on mass production according to the technical design, prototype, supplier chain of assembling parts
Centralized Purchase and Assembling Production
Finish the centralized purchase and assembling approval in accordance of technical design, prototype and mass production evaluation
Production Controlling
QC management and Process management in accordance of mass production schedule plan
Testing & Inspection
Organize testing and inspection on quality, packaging and all relative details’ approval in accordance of the technical design and prototypes
Logistic and Delivery
Design and execute the delivery plan according to the production schedule plan and process situation
Tracing of Market Feedback and Upgrade/Improvement Comments
We keep file record on every project we’ve executed.
With the market feedback traced from customers, we can provide product upgrade/improvement comments based on this feedback details.

The service processes/modules above are modules’ construction of execution of one complete product developing project.
One of several modules of the processes above could be selected and combined into one project as the subproject of your product developing project for execution.
We provide project execution service covering industrial areas as bellow:

Electronic & Electric Heating Applications
Electric heating devices based on application of various types of heating elements, temperature controlling and circuit protection technology
Chemical Plastic
Plastic parts based on polymer materials’ applications
Automation & Information Technology
Auto control and web transmission based on single-chip-microcomputer and information technology