Product name : glass ceramic heater
Item : 20151226175157
Series № : MCHC-
Heating Material :  Electric heating film
Way of Heat Transfer : conduction
Heating Feature : instant heating
Insulation Material : ceramic or mica
Standard Certification : UL ROHS
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Hotohms™Glass-ceramic heating panel adopts different kinds of nonmetallic electric conductive and radiated materials such as inorganic ceramic & glass to form up an inorganic conductive resistance film on its surface, which come into a whole unit together with the glass-ceramic.
The materials above are fixed on the surface of glass-ceramic through printing and high temperature sintering procedure.
When it is electrified, the electric resistance film provides infrared heat by radiation and convection.

Technical specification:
Electrical strength :No breakdown at 3750 V / 1 min 0.5 mA
Service life :20,000 hours of dry burning at 200 ℃
Power tolerance :+5 – 10 %
Power density :<= 1.00 W / cm2
This property is relative with the application details of the heating element
Working voltage :AC or DC
Size and shape :Developed according to final applications

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