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Product name : Silicon Nitride Heating Element for igniter
Item : 201622116222
Series № : SNH-
Heating Material : electric heating alloy
Way of Heat Transfer : conduction
Heating Feature : instant heating
Insulation Material :  ceramic
Standard Certification : CE ROHS UL
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Hotohms™Silicon Nitride Ceramic Heater Device 
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Heating Element is consist of the silicon nitride ceramic as carrier and tungsten filament as heating supply.
The Si3N4 ceramic heating element is shaped by dry pressing and cold isostatic pressing, sintered by vacuum hot-pressing sintering, finished by series of mechanical grinding machines, then an uniform and compact ceramic is produced.

-It have the absolutely electrical insulator and high efficiency heat transfer medium which can be directly contact with liquid such as water, resulting absolutely safe;
-The high heating efficiency, anti-scale, excellent thermostability, excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance ;
-The-long working life, eco-friendly and energy saving. If it is broken in the water, the water is also absolutely safe.

household;commercial and industrial applications; instant water heater;direct liquid heater, fast electric faucet;steam foot bath product; thermostatic water bath; steamed rice production and so on.

Technical Data

Rated Voltage
Volume Density
Bending Strength
800—1200Mpa (Room Temp.)
Heat Conductivity
VolumeResistivity at Room Temperature
Working Life
5000—10000 hours
Rated Power
1000W—3000W (single piece)
Tolerance of Rated Power
+ 5%;-10%
High Electric Insulation Strength
2500V, 50Hz at room temperature, no breakdown for 1 minute
Leakage Current
<0.5mA under normal operating condition;
<10mA in liquid after broken
Acid Corrosion Resistance
5% H2So4 solution for 6h,
the corrosion rate < 10 g/m2.h
Alkali Corrosion Resistance
30% NaOH solution for 6h,
the corrosion rate < 0.6 g/m2.h


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