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Product name : Silicon carbide heating element
Item : 20151224162425
Series № : SCH-
Heating Material : SiC
Way of Heat Transfer : radiation
Heating Feature : 
Insulation Material : -
Standard Certification : CE
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Hotohms™Silicon Carbide Heating Elements is a kind of non-metal high temperature electric heating components. it is made of top-quality SiC as its main raw materials which is made into blank, solid under high temperature and recrystallized.
SiC can usually used in the furnaces which temperature from 600℃-1600℃. It can be directly used in an air atmosphere without any protection atmosphere, the long-term usage life can reach over 3000 hours.  furthermore, it has a higher working temperature and chemical stability , easy installation and extensively used in the fields of metallurgy, ceramics, glass, machinery,analysis test,semiconductor, science and so on.

Equal diameter rod (GD type):
Whole Length(mm):100-4500
Resistance tolerance: 20%
Outer diameter:OD
Hot zone length:HZ
Cold zone length:CZ
Overall Length:OL
Order example:
GD type: OD=54mm HZ=1575mm CZ=419mm OL=2413mm,resistance:0.9ohm

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