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Product name : manifold heater hot runner molding systems
Item : 20151223181342
Series № : MFH-
Heating Material : NiCr alloy
Way of Heat Transfer : conduction
Heating Feature : constant power
Insulation Material : Mgo
Standard Certification : CE
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Hotohms™manifold  tubular heater also called as formed tubular heaters or  flexible heaters and are mainly used for hot runnermanifolds.they can provide an economical, robust, and versatile heat source. These elements are usually used to fit into milled grooves for hot runner molding systems. The precision fit optimizes heat transfer to the working surface. 

Heating wire: high temperature resistant NiCr alloy
Sealing components :Chrome Nickel Steel tubes
Heating wire: NiCr alloy
Available in: Dia 8mm, 8.5mm, 6.5mm & Square Section 6mm x 6mm.
Max. Length : 2000mm(tolerances: ± 2%)
Dia. Tolerance: ± 0.10mm
Max.surface Temperature 860 ℃
Max. Surface Load :8 watts / cm2
Bend radius :min.14mm
Max. Current:15 A
Voltage:< 400V
Dielectric Strength:1.5 HV
Insulation MΩ:>5Ω
Leakage Current:<0.5 mA

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