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Product name : far infrared mica heater
Item : 2015125151122
Series № : MCEH-
Heating Material : electric heating alloy
Way of Heat Transfer : Radiation
Heating Feature : Constant Power
Insulation Material : mica
Standard Certification : UL ROHS
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Hotohms™Mica heating element can choose the single & both-side for heating , they have the wide area for heat generating and warm fast booting and High efficiency was provided . This product is processing the metal foil into resistance, then put it between two mica sheets by special processing.
Mica heating element radiates far infrared waves, which is more comfortable for people to get warm. It won’t reduce the indoor air humidity, and won’t cause oxygen consumption. The 95% far-infrared wavelengths of radiation concentrated between 3UM and 14UM. This wave band called the “Sunshine lifeline.” This product’s far infrared radiation wavelength range displayed as following chart.

Short heating time, it costs less than 3 minutes to arrive the top temperature; the power doesn’t attenuate during the service life; closed structure, no open flame when it works, safe and energy saving; has simple and fashion design; compliance with EU RoHS and REACH environmental requirements.

Technical Parameters:
Size、Voltage、Power、 Specifications, etc : can be produced according to customers’ requirements.
Power tolerance: +5% ,/-10%
Power density: ≤0.85W/cm2
Surface Temp.:50~330℃
Working Voltage:AC/DC 5V~380V 。
Power range:5W-3000W
Hi-Pot breakdown test:Installed the products under the25 degree ( room temperature)according to design requirement, can endure1800V/ 2mA 1 min shock, without breakdown, flashover phenomenon .
Leakage current:Under 1800V/3 shock,leakage current <2 mA
Insulation resistance:500V AC 100MΩ 1Min
Working Life:>30000 hours。
Heating Time:3 min

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